Leisure and Wildlife Park Klotten
Why don’t you combine your trip with the chair lift with a visit to the big leisure and wildlife park in Klotten. After a 20 - minute -walk from the top station you will be able to experience a great variety of leisure entertainment surrounded by a big park scenery with more than 120 animal species.

Hiking & ferry of Klotten
From the leisure and wildlife park you can walk down a wonderful path to the wine village Klotten. You can cross the river by the ferry boat of Klotten, walk along the river, pass the leisure centre of Cochem with its in- and outdoor swimming -pool and campsite, back to Cochem.

Cochem Castle
The magical castle „Reichsburg Cochem“ situated high above Cochem is a must. It reminds us of the Middle Ages with the rustic meals of the knights and the traditional sword plays.

Stad Cochem
Take a tour duch the picturesque and historic old town, stop off at one of the many fine restaurants and taste the wonderful Mosel wine.

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